Delivery of a new Yard

Sod or Turf Grass,  Always The Finishing Touch.

Let us deliver the grass you need to finish the look of your home or business.  Weather it is a new project or just and annual uplift.

More Than just Sod 

The perfect landscape is more than simply shrubs,  trees, and  watering systems. It is a creation of a complete visual package that works with your architecture's aesthetic and your surrounding home or business. 


Twin River Turf Grasses is where you will find the finishing touch for all your landscaping projects.  We keep our grasses in the field and cut it fresh for your needs.  Weather you need delivery or just picking it up.


At Twin River Turf Grasses,  we treat what we do as a form of high art: it's beautiful, elegant, timeless, and expressive.

We can think of little that's more gratifying than a fresh patch of grass to replace those weeds.

The landscaping of your home and business says a lot about you. If you want yours to say something as unique as you are, keep it fresh.

Cut to Order

We cut when you need it.  Our grass stays in the field until it is time to deliver to your project. No dried up grass from us.

Complete Your Home

A Fresh Look

Give us a Call At 910-230-3679.